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Bee Api & Face

Biology, France

Do bees recognize their beekeeper by facial identification? By exploiting the floral constancy and insatiability of bees, we are subjecting foragers to reinforcement learning: we are conditioning them to recognise a beekeeper by...


Ça tourne ! Action !

France, Physics

Turning a coin on itself is a trivial gesture. But when you see that a can move and vibrate for several minutes, it’s easy to think that there’s something interesting to study behind this movement. And that’s what we...



Computing, Romania

MegaView is an offline app (without an internet or database connection) for mobile phones, tablets, fitness bracelets, smartwatches, or any other electronic device that can transmit audio messages providing specific information to...


Toxicity of RedBull (R)

Biology, European Schools

This study evaluated the toxicity of RedBull, caffeine, sucrose, and taurine. The analysis, done at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology on Zebrafish larvae and PAC 2 cells, tested a range of concentrations of the substances. At 24h...


Future of Autism

Computing, Egypt

With a prevalence of 1 per 100. Autism represents a global challenge. Behavioral improvement with specialists is the only proven method with high socioeconomic challenges. Therefore, an application was created that assesses the...



Engineering, Portugal

SPIDER-BACH2 combines health and environment, based on the simultaneous production of recombinant spider web silk, together with a bioactive peptide with bone tissue regenerative properties, and of green hydrogen from a marine...


Nanoparticles used as potential carriers of biology active substances boosting the seed germination and growth of arugula (Eruca vesicaria L. Cav.) and lamb’s lettuce (Valerianella locusta latter. Em. Betcke) cultivated under artificial environmental cond

Biology, Poland

Nowadays, we see a lot of tendencies in the world: climate changes, widespread use of synthetic fertilizers which causes a decrease in soil fertility. We need more food, cultivated even in unfavorable conditions. Our solution to...


Let There Be (Optimal) Light

Biology, Denmark

Vertical farming, where crops are grown vertically indoors, uses more than 600% energy per kg of crops produced compared to traditional greenhouses. By reducing the amount of light exposed to the lettuce plant rocket, a reduction of...


aquadynamic coating

Denmark, Physics

Do you love saving money and becoming more climate and environmentally friendly in the process? Then this is the project for you! This project revolves around the amazing invention of “ship paint,” specifically top coats,...



Computing, Czech Republic

Codeventure is an educational game designed to enhance algorithmic and programming skills in young school-aged children. While computer technology is pervasive in our world, we often overlook the importance of hands-on manipulation of...



Chemistry, Italy

Grain legumes have been of great interest to the European community as they show favourable nutritional and environmental traits. These crops, thus, are key to the Farm to Fork Strategy. The Sobrero and Marconi High Schools, with the...


Automatic Ski Edge Tuner

Austria, Engineering

The aim of this project is to develop an innovation in the field of ski preparation. For this purpose, a device has been designed as well as built which can simultaneously grind both ski edges in a single work step. Furthermore, the...


Sign language translator glove

Belgium, Engineering

As you may know, a lot of people around the world are deaf or mute, almost all of them speak sign language and our project is to help them in the best way possible without any restriction. To achieve that, we made a glove that gives us...


Optical Vibrometer

Armenia, Physics

The research project focuses on developing an optical vibrometer for detecting and measuring vibrations. It utilizes computer vision, cameras, programs, and lasers to create a practical and efficient method. The process involves...


Alternative production of hydrogen

Armenia, Chemistry

Producing green hydrogen is one of the most important problems today. The main method is pure water electrolysis, which is not very profitable from a business point of view. Our project seems to solve this problem. We propose to obtain...