Because science,
it’s first of all curiosity…

Youth organisation active since 1957, our organisation has taken up the challenge to develop attractive activities for young people to make them discovering the world through the scientific process and exploring the scientific process by observing the world!

The Young Belgian Scientists’ main objective is to generate the taste for science to the youth without any form of elitism. Willing to contribute to the development and the scientific culture of the citizens-adults of tomorrow.

In this view, we organise trainings, workshops, camps, playgrounds, expos, and more for the youngsters willing to deepen their scientific knowledge or, simply, having some fun making science. Specific trainings are also organised for our future animators and teachers in a continuing education.

Our organisation is active at international level and a founding member of MILSET (the International Movement for Leisure Activities in Sciences and Technology).

From Robotics to summer camps, from internships to the Science Fair, find on this site more about our programme of activities on our website (in French only).